Jamtland Days 3 and 4: A tale of two huts


Waking up had been easy. Something to do with sleeping so deeply? Perhaps more to do with the days promise? As huts go this one surely has to be amongst the best. If location, location and location are the three most important things about real estate then this hut ticks all the boxes. Apart from the incident with the bunk ladder it's dealt us a more than comfortable night. I'd felt the suck of air as the ladder, compadre still attached, plummeted past my foot to land with a thud. I consider myself lucky to still have a toe.  Nevertheless, for all its charm, and that includes the smiling  girl behind the desk, I'm glad to turn my back to it and slide off back towards Gamla Sylan; the last two kilometres of the night before become the first two of the day after.


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