It's been a while!


Not been much going on around here lately. Real life, on the on the other hand, has been pretty busy.  A mix of work, unexpected promotions, school age kids with full diaries in need of taxi driving dads, the now  traditional bout of kid-born flu and a more serious focus on photography have kept me away from here. Last year brought two bad weather trips (albeit with silver linings) and, since this place has become about the trips, that left me with only two things to write about. That's not to say there hasn't been any outdoors in between. There has. Lots of it in fact. Just of a different kind and close to home. The coming year will be no different  I expect. Ditto the eighteen or so that follow?

Another highlight of the year gone was meeting a fellow Nordic lightpacker in the flesh. My first, but, with the odds that there is yet more intelligent life in the internet getting better, hopefuly not the last. The chap in question has got me thinking about Sweden. In just less that two weeks those thoughts will become reality as a small bit of that country glides (hopefully without too much effort) under my feet. See you when I'm back.

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  1. I didn't put my senior life on hold while waiting for your return but I really do miss reading about your adventures and will keep checking in hopes of seeing more in the future. As for being busy with family and all that entails.....been there, done that. One must keep their priorities in order. ;)



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