Troms Day 4: The Highlife

Into the Sun

How many ways are there to fix a broken snowshoe? Well, lock three engineers in a remote mountain hut and they'll come up with a long list. Put those same three engineers in a remote mountain hut without tools and materials and they'll pretty soon work out that the real-world options are close to zero. Close but not quite. A first attempt with mild steel strip, a hatchet and a nail came remarkably close but failed on account of the nail being the wrong diameter. A second attempt with a metre and a half of Bob and Roses glow in the dark guy line and yet more duct tape herded all the separate bits back into a single piece of outdoor kit. As I stand, favouring my good snow-shoe, under soft morning light in front of Nonsbu to take another photo before moving of I am wondering just how long the low-tech repair will last.


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