Troms Day 3: Break and Make

Look Up

Another cold morning after another warm night. The Norwegians have got wood-burning stoves down to a fine art. A moments over enthusiasm with the firewood leads, in half that time, to a sweat lodge. Perhaps its the contrast but this morning it seems colder. I'd been later to bed. A trip outside to answer a call had revealed a brief glimpse of the Aurora. Almost too faint to see but after a few moments of screwing up eyes and disbelief definitely there. Thereafter, some time had been spent outside, stamping feet and blowing on fingers, waiting for the next hole to appear between the fast scudding clouds.


Troms Day 2: Hut to Hut


It's the morning after a night in a comfortable hut. A small hut, quick to heat, too warm in the evening but cold in the morning. The call of nature pulls me out of my down bag, straight into my down jacket and onto the thunder-box. Camera in hand. You never know when the next opportunity will present itself. An unexpected luxury, the po is under the same roof. Even so the down jacket isn't overkill. As I hang over the hole staring at Norwegian wood I feel the familiar fresh breeze from the South but there's something else. Something unfamiliar. It's warmth. A warm seat and I'm first first in line! Wow. Whoever invented the expanded polystyrene toilet seat should make it onto the honours list.


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