A Long Awaited Winter


Langervelderslag, Olympus e30, Zuiko Digital 14-54mm mkII, 14mm, f3.2

After months of looking on, incredulous, at last summers roses living life like they've escaped the hangmans noose and next springs bulbs beating the starters gun, winter has finally arrived. It will be a short-lived affair I suppose but sooner short-lived than not at all. Today, a half hour exposed to a fresh wind and -6 on a beach bathed in that wonderful long golden light that so typifies this time of year was a good reminder of what it's all about. How can you appreciate warmth if you've never felt cold? Would long summer days be half so pleasant were it not for long winter nights? Can a person really appreciate luxury without having first a taste of austerity? Time, methinks, to recalibrate. Time for a winter trip! Now, just as the winter Queen stretches her icy finger Southwards for the first time this year, I'm packing my bag to ride North on her coat tails. Troms here I come!


  1. oh good....I've been waiting forever to read about another of your trips. Today I have sunshine but it's been an icy, snowy cold 6 wks. here in the Pacific NW of the US. Happy trails....

  2. Troms, nice look forward to hearing more.

  3. Taylor Lautner2 March 2012 at 11:41

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