'nother Nomination

Fry Away

Another image, another chance in the Oppad photo of the year competition. This one's in the category that I thought I had a chance in; Outdoor. This time it's an image I like myself. Perhaps that's just because I was there? After all I can still smell the woodsmoke and pancakes. The nice judge said some nice things and chose the image even though the pancake is not in view (I promise to try better next time!). Randulf is now officially "stoer" in Holland to!


  1. A very good image :) I don't see that the pancake would make it any better. Whatever is in the pan, everyone can see that it is worth a deep red consentration :)
    How then would rendering its content plain make the photo more interesting?

  2. Quaq, Thanks. The thing with photos, I think, is that the viewer is always right. You and the judge both in this case. She was left wanting to see the contents. You don't. I'm with you. I chose the lower perspective because the snow and low cloud on the mountain in the background added something important to the story. The judges comment is valuable still. The next time I leave the pancake out I'll have thought it through first : )

  3. by the way, you were right about the concentration, Randulf takes his pancakes very seriously: http://randulfvalle.blogspot.com/2009/12/pannekaker-i-en-polarhistorisk-kontekst.html



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