Snow Sculpture

I've had some luck. The above photo has been nominated by a nice man for the Oppad Readers Photo of The Year competition. Some nice things were said about it to. Later in the year Oppad readers will vote. This, and 53 others, will be in the running. It's funny, I entered a handful of photo's in each of three categories: Landscape, Outdoor and Culture. At first I intended to enter only one in each but impulse got the better of me. I'm now glad I did. This Oyer landscape wouldn't have made my final selection. That brings a smile to my face now. I guess a core skill of  the professional is understanding what appeals to others. Even if I wanted to I couldn't make a living out of photography since the former is clearly not a skill I posses.  That and the fact that I'm not good enough: chance plays too big a role in my photography. This is only my second published image. Both have been taken in Norway. To my eye Norway looks good through the lens. Apparently it looks good to others to.


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