Huldreheimen: The Plan


It's been a bit quiet around here lately. That doesn't however mean that nothings been happening. In fact, there's been quite a lot of outdoorsy stuff going on, albeit almost all of it indoors. Plans, of sorts, are made, tickets are paid for, hire gear is reserved and purchases, some big, made. A course in the black art of waxing skis has even been followed. Serious stuff, all of it.

So where are we heading and what will we do when we get there? The first question is easy to answer. Gausdal Vestfjell, a.k.a. The Huldreheimen on the first weekend in March. Not for us the Jotunheimen, the home of the giants. No for us instead the home of the fairies. But, before you start pointing and laughing, you should take a look at the sort of fairies that have made Gausdal Vestfjell their home. They're not your run of the mill winged, tutu wearing, star-tipped wand waving variety. No, these are a different breed altogether, and probably related to the "rock-ard" and malicious fairy folk of the Scottish unseelie court  (where else but in Scotland would fairies be responsible for gang violence?).  It seams the huldra, hiding their cows tails and taking on the appearance of  stunningly beautiful, sometimes naked women, with long hair, lure men into the woods for sex. However, it's not all good news, if they're not impressed the man doesn't  live to tell the tale. Theo had better be careful!

The more difficult question to answer is what are we going to do when we get there. More difficult to answer because we're not completely sure. The "plan" is to start out from Espedalen and head uphill, more or less due South until, probably somewhere around the Agnsjoen lakes, we set up camp. What happens beyond that point will depend on mood and weather. There are plenty of options for day trips and there are plenty of huts in the area should there be need for more substantial shelter .

The photo at the head of this post is an interesting one. If  I'm correct, it was taken, almost exactly a year ago, looking approximately due west from our camp on Oyer Fjell.  Little did I know as I pressed the shutter, or the many times I've looked at the image since, that the distant hills framed between the trees would be the venue of my next winter trip. I'm looking forwards to getting a closer look!


  1. There's no nicer coincidence. Sounds great, Dave.

  2. Exciting times ahead. And when are you coming to Finland ;) ?!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about this Dave! I'll be heading north too, at the end of March. It's not the fairies I'm worried about, it's the wolverines that I've only just discovered are quite common in this part of the world!

  4. Looking forward to seeing more....

  5. Bon Voyage! look fwd to reading bout it

  6. great blogsite :) yep I will keep you as a Bookmark. really nice writing. enjoy your trips! all of them, armchair or otherwise!


    thanks for the nice comment on my blogsite also ;)

  7. Maz, Yeah. I'm realy looking forwards to this one. Whilst it's a frustration most of the time the positive thing about only making a handfull of trips a year is that the shine doesn't rub off.

    Hendrik, possibly for the shinndig with uncle Chris. Keep us informed.

    Frazer/David, Just keep popping by. It'll all get posted (eventualy).

    Helen, Welcome. I'll be keeping tabs on you too :-)

    Joe, You've got me wondering how far North. I'll be watching with interest. Do wolverines like freeze dried food?



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