In With the New!

Off Track

Things have been a little quiet around here of late. In terms of priority work has taken a close second place after family. There’s been a lot of writing going on but none of it about the outdoors. The New Year may bring some changes in that respect. Lets wait and see.

On reflection it's been a good outdoor year. Trips were thin on the ground as usual but what came my way was top notch. I got my share of snow in a wonderfully wintery Oyer and summer saw me back in Norway, my beloved North country, enjoying good company and the great outdoors on Seiland. I went some way to rediscovering that there's fun to be had closer to home to (I'd advise anybody living here to take to the water!). Just lately their have been walks in the frosty dunes and sledging!

December brought dire conditions on the roads, transportation chaos, the worst winter weather since, erm, last winter. The conditions have again uncovered gaping holes in our readiness for, erm, winter in wintertime. The winter has started well!

Although we're seeing the year out in the Netherlands this year and consequently didn't get a run out in the peaks somebody, somewhere still managed to put the magic back into Christmas: presents were opened and turkey was gobbled with ba ba ba bing doing his thing to a backdrop of real, and no mistake, freshly falling snow. Magic!

So now out with the old and in with the new. I wonder what the year has in store? For me there's at least one trip coming into view. Somewhere in the background, a low-pitched hum against the razamataz horns and drums of the festivities, a plan has been taking shape. Early March will see me in the Huldreheimen! Watch this space.

Wishing all who come to this place and make the effort to read my scribblings, especially those who make the effort to leave comments and most especially those who repay my effort in kind and inspire me to keep going, much happiness down the trail in 2011!


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