Got a box! Goodies from Bob and Rose. There's a new stove, the Evernew Ti DX. That makes a new stove for each of my last two trips and one for Seiland. It's becoming a habbit but who's counting? There are a couple of Bobs hip-belt pockets to bling my vapor rise with. Last, but not least, there's an OMM chest pocket that I'm banking on being a viable alternative for my shoulder strap camera bag. There'll be more detail to follow but it all looks very nice. The Jelly babies were out of the box and consumed before I could get a look in.

BTW: Beat ya Joe. The DX is a very polished bit of Ti kit first impressions very favourable!


  1. Hi!
    Bought my DX yesterday. Tool an afternoon trip to a nearby forest.
    very satisfied with the stove.

  2. Damn it! Lost again! But we're both winners, everything I read about the DX is positive.

    Ooooh, I wonder what sweeties I'll get. Sour Skittles last time. Mmmmmmm (drool)...

  3. Look forward to a write up about the DX, interested to find out how fuel efficient the little beasie is.

  4. Roger, I'hope to play with mine soon but your words and pictures reasure me that it was a good choice!

    Joe, The timing is such that I'll get the benefit of your experience in Sweden before heading out to Finnmark. Bonus points!

    My wife has insisted I send a mail demanding that we ONLY get jelly babies from now on. I intend to oblige - anything to keep the gear stream flowing

  5. James, If I can find time I will have a play this evening. Will run a direct comparison with a Trangia, a white box and a Pack a feather XL.

  6. Love the DX. Have used it on 3 trips now. I use a kitchen foil (doubled over) windshield, held together with a paper clip which is ultra-lightweight. It lasts 3-4 trips but is easily replaced. I find that 40ml of meths will heat 500ml of water in my MSR Titan Kettle in about 6-7mins regardless of wind, if you use the wind-shield. Also used it as a wood-burner and it's pretty good. I know I am late with all of this as Joe has already done a review with fairly fantastic photos but I thought I'd stick my oar in...

  7. Maz, I'm actualy less than enthusiastic about it right now. I think it consumes quite a lot of fuel (about a 3rd more than my other meths stoves) and burns a bit too fiercly. That said, you've got the advantage in the discussion: you've used it in anger and I've just fired it up in my kitchen. I havn't given up on it yet, Joe and yourself are keeping me interested, but it will stay at home for the Seiland trip and until I've had some more time to play with it (this is an Oar friendly place!)



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