Fly. Be Free!

The time it's taken to get my sorry ass into gear is better measured in weeks than days but, at long last, the mystery box is shipped. Four items stayed in the balmy south for some R&R. Several more stowed away hoping for a new life in the land of clean air and long light. For a moment there I was tempted to join them.


  1. Good to see pieces of my old gear enjoying a new lease of life in the warm south! Treat them well!

  2. You are welcome, Dave =) Phil and Steven come next week for their TGOC training walk, so feel free to join us!

    Looking forward to the box arriving, should be waiting for me when I return on Sunday :)

  3. Joe, There was some nice stuff in there.Came so close to keeping your beanie but my heads just too small:( Would have made a nice replacment for my scraggy old HH synthetic. Ditched the latter for an Icebreaker beanie last winter but merino just holds too much wet for my liking. The BPL pillow (incidentaly, the one I kept was from Roger I think) is a miracle. Can't get my engineering brain around how it stays inflated but I love it. It will come to Norway. The spork will replace my spoon of the same brand, prefer my utensils with theth. The flint (also from Roger?)is a little heavier than my current one but even I can get a reliable spark out of it (Rays mears I am not).

    Hendrik, tempting offer! Have fun. Both on the trip and with the box.



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