A Mysterious Delivery

I returned from the good old US of A jet lagged, sunburned but otherwise in good order on Friday morning to find a box of goodies waiting on my doorstep. The Scandinavian mystery box had made a southern dog leg down the north sea coast to find me. It's contents are rather interesting. Amongst other things it contains my new meths burner. A pack a feather XL courtesy of Roger. Reward for my, all to nerdy, camp stove recognition skills finely tuned  with many wasted evenings bent over a PC Googling gear. I always knew it would pay off! I now have in my possession another wondrous piece of kit I can't wait to try out. There's a whole bunch of other stuff in there too but I'm not about to tell you any more. It's a mystery box after all. If I'm right about the order of business It'll soon be winging it's way to Finland, less a couple of welcome bits and pieces and topped up with a few of those bits of kit collecting dust in the bat cave and in need of a new life in a caring home. I think I might need to find a bigger box. Great fun and a great principle! The trail indeed unites us.


  1. Glad you found some useful bits Dave! I'm loving this initiative!

  2. Its great. Folk have been realy generous and it's nice to think this stuff gets a second life.

  3. Glad it arrives safely, sadly I have too many bits collecting dust but if the box keeps coming around then maybe they can be passed on.



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