Go west young man!

It's going to seem like I've been keeping secrets but the fact is I've just not had the time to keep you all up to speed. I'm writing this post from my "authentic South-Western Style" hotel, room in Golden, Colorado. Yes I said Colorado. Work has dealt me a cushy number. It's been a while coming, what with the crisis and all, but I now have the opportunity to take a peak at the Colorado School of Mines. As a bonus, I've got a full Sunday to "recover" from the journey. I spent the night at 6000ft. Today I'm going to see if I can better that by another couple of thousand on the trails that start right here in the town. Should be interesting. I've only got the bits and pieces of gear I could squeeze into my carry-on luggage. Light trail shoes, no snow-gaitors and no spikes and it snowed 30cm on friday. The enterprise will however be fuelled by a cattlemans breakfast.Wish me luck!

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