Granite Gear Vapour Trail: Side Compression Straps Modification

I've finaly got around to addressing one of the two key complaints I have about the Granite Gear Vapour Trail. Off the peg, the lower side compression straps are routed over the side pockets. Yes I did say OVER the side pockets. Not only does this obstruct access to the side pockets but it prevents the straps doing their job properly. This has always got on my nerves a little. What led the designer of what is otherewise a beautifuly (and I do mean beautifuly) designed pack to make such a schoolboy error?

The fix is simple. Just attack the pockets with a sharp pair of scissors,

button-hole stitch the wounds (you can take your time and do it more neatly)

and route the straps, through the pockets and, here's the crucial point, UNDER the stuff you put in them, as they should have been in the first place .

Much better. Or at least I think it is. I'll find out for sure in Norway.


  1. Never be afraid to attack a pack with a pair of scissors! I'm sure I caught my Pinnacle by complete surprise when I pounced on it with a pair of Wilkinson Swords and removed unnecessary guff and trimmed excesses. I do wonder sometimes how certain features make it onto packs that just don't make sense. I guess the companies have to make them to appeal to as wide a market as possible. That's why I'm interested in Joe's custom approach over at ZPacks.

  2. The community should make a concerted effort to mail all the excess bits and pieces to the (home address) of the designers. They'll get the hint evetually I'm sure.

    I can see why they do it. Differentiation is important and often those little finniky bits and bobs can make gear look well thought out and innovative especially to the uninitiated. Unfortunately, in use, its more often than not just excess gubbins. A bag with a comfortable harness is all we realy need.



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