Worst Snow and Ice in 20 Years?

The BBC said it was the worst winter weather in 20 years. From where I was standing I could only see smiling faces? It wasn't just the kids who had fun in the snow this Christmas though. More about that later.


  1. If you were to believe the Beeb, you'd think that everything's bad. There's never any good news here...

    Cold weather is as bad as global warming...
    Torrential rain is as bad as drought...
    The Internet is evil, yet the Beeb use it to excess.

    They'd probably say that your snowman is bad too, even though it's obvious that it's an excellent specimen. Well done!

    FWIW, we've had very little snow here in the English Midlands. Now that IS bad news!

  2. Snow=bad?! When did that happen?

    I'm still driving the locals nuts but bouncing around like Tigger when it snows here.

  3. BG, Indeed. It's all that stuff that keeps happing to us, like the weather, and not our infrastucture, poorly suited tyres, ignorance of how to drive in winter conditions, poorly insulated houses, inflated fuel prices etc.... It's the weather that cuases chaos on the roads and death amongst the old and infirm. Still, we are doing our best to arange a change in the climate right!

    Joe: I can see you bouncing before me. Tigger, in matching RAB, nordic touring boots and snow goggles, reaching for skis and bouncing out of the door. It's shaping up to be one of the "worst" winters of my (moderately) short life to date. Here's hoping you get more excuses to bounce before the sun returns.



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