Which way's North?

Only a fool would sleep out in Norway in February Right? Norway it is then! Flights are booked. The front end of February will see me in Nordseter with skis on my feet. It's been a while! If I can stay upright for long enough I might get to see something of the Hedmarksvidda. Dovrefjel it isn't. Just right to work on technqiue and build confidence it is.


  1. Norway it is then =) I'm looking forward to the build-up of what you're going to take, the planning and ultimately the trip report and photos.

  2. Hendrik, Yes, Norway exerts a big pull on the group concerned. we're also more familar with Norway than otehr areas so, for a trip such as this, full of uncertainties, a little familiarity helps. Nordseter lies in comparatively gentle terrain but, we think, the open Fjels will still give us some nice challenges. With luck and clear skys we'll get views of the big mountains too. The trick with gear selection will be leaving things at home. The thought of very low temperatures and hard winds could get me packing all I own and I realy don't want a heavy pack for what we intend to do. We're more likely to use huts and sleep out only if conditions permit.

  3. Wow, I bet you're getting excited already! Beautiful countryside, perfect for skiing. My first ski trip of the year last weekend went surprisingly well, only a couple of tumbles and I soon found my feet. As you say Dave, it's those fierce winds that cause all the problems. They can STRIP the heat out of you. Good hoods and goggles are a must. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  4. Can't wait! Better still though, between now and then I'll be in Sheffield for Christmas. I can feel an opportunity to get out into the dark peak coming my way. Chance to try out some winter layers! I'd read your account of teh ski trip. Meant to post a comment but never got around to it. Nice stuff. I guess you'll be getting out some more before the thaw. Loosing the fear is as you say an important step in the process of learning to ski. Fear = hesitation = crash and burn. Never got teh hang of skinny skis hoping that backcountry skis will suit me better.



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