Low pitched rumblings

Autumn has turned to winter without so much as a damp fizz. The view out of my window in December looks suspiciously like the view out of my window in November. Rain, rain and more rain. The long term forecast is looking up though. For a couple of weeks, there's been talk of a trip. A winter trip no less. Now a date has even been set. The beginning of February should bring me a fix of the outdoors. Only a short one, a long weekend, but most definately a sweet one: it will probably involve the white stuff! The last time that happened to me was winter 2005. Did I realy just write that? That's almost ancient history.

Deal done, date agreed, one small thing's been overlooked: we don't have the faintest idea what we're going do or where we're going to do it. Time's short, better get planning.....


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