New PHD Products

It's getting out of hand. PHD have realised I'm a pushover. They've mailed me to say their new minimus down trousers are available. I've been repeatedly telling myself that I don't need them since the mail landed in my inbox. It's not working. Are these the addition to my sleeping system I've been waiting for? Cumulus Quantum 200 plus ultra pullover plus minimus pants could take me well below zero and save me having to buy a heavier winter bag for that winter trip I've been promising myself. Oh oh. Did I just say that out loud? Am I really starting to believe that buying gear is saving me money? Come to think of it I do get cold feet and those new miniumus socks look like just the thing.................


  1. There will be quite a few bloggers out there this winter all looking like Bibendum, the Michelin Man.

    Peewiglet is having hers made ready for her up-coming Wianwrights round. Colin Ibbotson is of course years ahead of everyone and sported them on this years TGO Challenge.

    Go on - You know you want to...

  2. You always could help me support the down manufacturing outdoor companies ;) I don't mind, go ahead.

  3. Owwww! They look good! New Hispar winter bag or a pair of these troos and use my current 'cold' bag? Hmmm.....

  4. Ah, it's that time of year when the gear manufacturers know we are at our most vulnerable...

  5. Alan, Hmm. I fear you're right. I certainly won't be wearing them on the highstreet (not unless it gets very cold this winter at least :-)

    Hendrik, Between us I'm sure we could make a difference. Not sure we'll have many geese as friends though.

    Holdfast, why not a Hispar bag AND a pair of lovely down trousers. It's only money after all.

    Chris, Welcome. Yes they have an evil grip on us and exploit it without mercy!

  6. for walking around camp they look like bliss but I am not sure looking like Woody Allen in "The Sleeper" is good for your street cred! :)

  7. Dave, my street cred went out the window a long time ago (if I ever had any which is debatable). Even so you won't find me going out for a pint in my matching down atire.



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