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It's easy to forget that there's an outdoors in Holland. There are no hills to speak of . There's no rock either. What there is, however, is sky. Get away from the traffic and the concrete and the sky takes over. Dominating the scene and drawing the eye way into the distance. It can be breathtaking. Mountains have a way of making me feel small. Insignificant. Humble. In a strange way the polder does that for me too but it's the horizontal rather than the vertical length scale that works the illusion.

The dune landscape is very special. For me it's the bit of Holland that realy stands out. Appart from being the least touched by mans hand it's the only bit where the ground fights back. Where the ground comes up to meet the sky and plays more than a bit part. I like it. I like to walk through it. And when I see Emily in it I get a real sense that she's experiencing something of the feeling I get in the mountains. That when you're two the dunes are one great big adventure.


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