Weather, or not.....

What's it going to be? The back end of the Norwegian Meteorological Service long term forecast now overlaps our date of departure for Rondane. I suppose this thing is about as reliable as network rail but I can't help but take a peek every day. It's been looking fine of late. Highs of eighteen degrees in the day and frost free nights around the 1000m contour. Little by way of wind and rain. The kind of weather most UK born hillwalkers only experience in their dreams. It seems the faerie folk know I'm coming though. Not the cutsie fairies of J.M. Barrie's invention but the original, mean fairies of Scottish folklore (the ones that really do exist and wash their clothes in Loch-an-Uaine). I think they skyped with their Norwegian cousins who've been dancing naked and beating the weather drums ever since. Whatever they did it might well have worked. It looks like the temperature is describing a downward trend in the run up towards July. Still looks like the rain will stay away but, the line being busy, perhaps the Borrowdale Boggarts haven't got through to Norway yet?

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