Route Plan Rondane National Park

I've discussed the route plan for Rondane briefly in previous posts but never presented it in detail. For the curious, the detail can be found here: Route Plan Rondane National Park, Norway, July 2009.


  1. Hi Dave, I hope you all have a really great trip. I'll wait patiently for the report.

  2. Thanks Mac. I've been posting on the prep for this trip for so long that it seems people have been wishing me a good trip for weeks. One of these days I'll actualy go. Friday in fact! Friday night all being well I should be bivvying at 1400m. The weather is starting to look better. They promise clear skys and sun for Saturday and Sunday: two of the three full days with a bunch of 2000m tops. Looks like we might have hit the jackpot for once. Negative side is that it looks like I might be testing the other extreme for my sleeping bag. +10 degrees at 2AM!



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