Gear List Rondane: Part 1.5 Balls Up!

Oops. Running over my pack list yesterday I discovered my calcs were out by 800g. What's worse, the error was not in my favour! It was a dumb mistake and one that could have been avoided by doing some mental arithmetic to double check the numbers the spread sheet spat out. In my professional life a lot of data processing is called for. I design steel for cars. Worried? You should be!

Whilst there may well be a psychological advantage to thinking your pack is lighter than it actualy is I'm pretty certain that reducing the load on your back is a better strategy. After stumbling across the mistake I layed out the contents of my pack and ruthlessly stripped out any redundant items (stuffsacks in stuffsacks that sort of thing) and systematically replaced anything for which I had a lighter alternative (out with the snapwire spoon in with the light my fire spork etc). At the end of the process I'd stripped out 300g and so made a sizable dent in the unwelcome extra. A corrected gear list can be found here.

Comparing the new gear list with last years shows that I'll be starting with a kilo and a half more on my back than I did in Switzerland last summer (12 rather than 10.5kg). At first glance that seams disppointing given the effort I've made to reduce weight in the intervening period. However, when you take into account the fact that I'm going to pack in a kilo of camera gear that I didn't previously carry (yes the DSLR is going to Norway), that I need to pack in an extra days food and that I'm packing more clothes to deal with sub-zero nights it looks much better. The load was just right in Switzerland. Given the choice I'd sooner be back down at 10.5kg but that's not going to happen. Still, the weight will be down where I want it at the back end of the trip when we're hopefuly traversing some of those ridges we've got lined up.


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