Wrap em up!

We went for a walk on the beach with Emily today. The weather has brought a mix of strong sunshine and cold air of late. Today started wet and cloudy with a sharp wind so the cold air dominated the experience. Emily loves the beach whatever the weather. However, I learned very on in my parenting career that I can only enjoy the outdoors with Emily if I'm sure she's okay. Nothing is more guaranteed to spoil a day out than worrying about Emily. It's important to have peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that she's warm and dry. Peace of mind that's also helped along its way by being able to instantly recognise your child at a hundred paces. Today, I was a little too cold in a microfleece but Emily was wrapped up in a thick fleece and her Spotty Otter Splash Suit. It occurred to me as I watched her running back and forth between little piles of wet sand just how great this suit is. She gets on with her thing and we don't have to worry. When wearing it I think she's visible from space. We bought it big! It served us well in the Scottish Highlands last summer (read "Scottish Summer") and will keep her warm and dry for a while yet. Why don't they sell these things in adult sizes?

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