Norway here I come!

I've mentioned the possibility of a trip in a couple of earlier posts. At last things seem to be converging on a concrete plan. I'll be joining three friends on a multi-day trip (five nights) through Rondane National Park in Norway. The only thing that remains undecided is the precise date as the boys continue to juggle priorities and commitments to make a big enough hole in the diaries but it will be one of two weekends in early July. I can't tell you how excited I am (well they don't let me out very often)!

For a while there it looked like my first opportunity for a big outing would be September but the July suggestion came out of the blue. July suddenly seems very close at hand. Between now and then I have a family break on Texel and a business trip to London. Along with the day-in-day-out of work and two kids finding time to make arrangements and prepare kit will be a challenge.

Kit lists and routes will follow soon. I say "kit lists"because there will certainly be more than one. Rondane is for me an unknown (advice is welcome!) and I have a lot of new, untested gear that won't get a real run out before July but which is nevertheless going to be hard to leave behind.


  1. Rondane is a fantastic area, with many camping options as well as huts, it can also be very busy in July. Transport is easy and I would recommend the train to Otta and then the bus to Spranget. From there the walk along the road to Ronvassbu provides a nice start to the many trail options from Ronvassbu.

    www.visitrondane.com is a useful web site as is the bus web site http://www.fjord1.no/ click on Bus

    A great place, enjoy.

  2. I am looking forward to the write up on this one Dave. Sounds great. I will be looking it up in my guide book.

  3. NB, Thanks for the advice. Will peruse the web info. Now you've showed your hand I may come back for more of your local knowledge :-) The intention is to wild camp and avoid the huts. Hopefully that way we'll avoid some of the crowds. Also looking at the potential for getting up onto the tops conditions permitting so need to do some more research.

    Martin, I've got a good feeling about this one. All of my scandinavian trips to date have delivered the goods and Norway is in a league of its own. I'll keep you posted.



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