Interesting new kit...

Just caught sight of the new Terra Nova Moonlite Bag cover. Interesting. The information given by TN is limited but it appears to be a fully waterproof, breathable bag cover with taped seams that comes in at just over 200g! It's not a full, zipped bivvy but rather a bag-cover with drawstring, similar to the Alpkit Hunka and RAB survival zone. However, TN claim a weight far lower than either the Hunka or the Survival Zone (Moonlite 216g, Hunka variously reported to be around 400g and the Survival zone also around 400g). It seems to be a good option for use with a tarp in wet climes and would save me 160g against my MLD event Alpine bivvy (although the latter is a fully functional stand-alone bivvy). The weight of the MLD bag is so low that it was never worth my while consideing bag covers (no weight advantage and a serious trade-off in functionality). However, the Terra Nova product might shift the balance. I'd like to know some more about construction and materials though. TN aren't very forthcoming.


  1. I'd heard about these. My Hunka weighs in at 380g so the weight saving is very appealing; the price isnt though :(

  2. Yeah I know what you mean! Seems to be the way with UL kit. Less grams for your money ;). Seriously though, 90 quid for a bag cover is steep and, until I see some more specs, it will remain firmly a curiosity rather than a potential purchase. Why hasn't TN published more detail re. materials and construction in the product data? If I knew what it was made of I could tune my expectations accordingly. After posting yesterday I stumbled across the fact that Big Kev over at Big Galloot has had one for a couple of months. His comments are useful.



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