New Stuff

March has turned out to be a bumper month. Not only did my Haglofs Oz pully arive in the post but my PHD Ultra pully followed hot on its heels. I'm blown away. The OZ looks and feels fantastic. Take a Gortex jacket, bring it to the boil, simmer until you're left with just the essence of hard shell and this is, I expect, what you get. Just enough to function right and no frills. With some gear you just know that it's right from the off. This is one such piece of kit (appart from the daft pocket a use for which I'm yet to dream up. Was this just an excuse for the designer to put another flash of green on the chest?). The Ultra Pullover also has me grinning from ear to ear. I went for dryshell (in a fetching black) which adds a little to the advertised weight but brings with it peace of mind.

This spending spree (taking ruthless advantage of the credit crisis and the weak pound) has bagged me two great pieces of kit, taken a whopping 300g off the weight of my shell and doubled the isulation of my down layer for an addition of just 80g. A net saving of almost a quarter of a kilo, a significant extension to the functionality of my layering system and a bucket full of outdoor fun without getting out of my lazy armchair. Now I just need an excuse to use them.....


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