Lets get started......

So here we are. First post on my shiny new blog. Why blog? Well, since I've been writing accounts and collecting photos of my trips for my own enjoyment, it doesn't take much effort to make them public. Why share these things? That in turn is because I spend a good few evenings here in Holland trawling the web and following the blogs and web pages of others. I enjoy and learn from the material others make the effort to share with me so, I figure, why not put something back. There are a great many outdoor blogs out there. Do I have something worth sharing? Who knows, thats up to you decide. I'm going to do it anyway.

Whats the plan? Well thats under development. I have an idea that I'll post some trip accounts, both backdated and new (although new trip accounts will appear infrequently since I only get out a couple of times a year), some thoughts on gear (reviews and modifications) and some plans for the future. I both backpack and canoe so there is likely to be a mix of wet and dry. Will things pan out this way? Who knows. How often will I post? Well that depends to a large extent on mood, family and work. Watch this space.


  1. I will enjoy reading about all your trips past and future. Keep at it.



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